Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of nine citizen volunteers appointed by the Board of Commissioners (Board) to serve four-year terms.The Planning Commission advises the Board on land use matters such as the adoption, revision or repeal of portions of the Washington County Comprehensive Plan. For some types of plan amendments, the Planning Commission makes the final land use decisions for the County. Planning Commission decisions may be appealed to the Board.

Planning Commission Meetings are scheduled bi-monthly as follows:

First Wednesday: 1:30 PM

Third Wednesday: 6:30 PM

Prior to its regular business meeting, the Planning Commission meets to receive information from County staff in a public work session. Work session time provides the Planning Commission an opportunity to conduct informal communications with each other, staff and County Counsel. No public testimony is taken during work session. Following work session, the Planning Commission takes up items on the published agenda, including scheduled public hearing items and consideration of minutes. Seven days before the meeting the meeting packet will be available. The public is welcome to provide comments and testimony during the public hearing portions of the meeting. The public may also speak on any item not on the agenda during 'Oral Communications.'

Please note change in location for public hearings



The Planning Commission meetings through Aug. 15, 2018  will take place at the Hillsboro Civic Center Shirley Huffman Auditorium, 150 E. Main St., Hillsboro.

Beginning Sept. 2018, the Planning Commission meetings will be at the Charles D. Cameron Public Services Building Auditorium, 155 N. First Ave., Hillsboro. 













How to submit testimony for the Planning Commission

Planning Commission Rules of Procedure (Adopted 1/15/2013)