North Cooper Mountain Area Planning

Last updated February 24, 2015


NoCooperMtn-Community-Plan-Map with area labels 100614 optimizedThe City of Beaverton has completed the Concept Plan for the 2,300 acre South Cooper Mountain planning area. The Concept Plan was developed over 18 months and incorporates input from members of the public, stakeholders, service providers, and citizen and technical advisory committees. 

The planning area consists of three distinct subareas:

  • the 544-acre South Cooper Mountain Annexation Area, annexed into Beaverton in 2013;
  • the 510-acre North Cooper Mountain Area, within Washington County jurisdiction and included within the Metro Urban Growth Boundary in 2002; and
  • the 1,232-acre Urban Reserve Area, within Washington County and outside the Urban Growth Boundary.

The Concept Plan in a non-binding document that will serve to inform future land use and natural resource options for North Cooper Mountain and the Urban Reserve Area. The plan also considers existing and projected transportation conditions and includes proposals that improve roadway capacity and safety for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. 

Review the final draft of the South Cooper Mountain Concept Plan and Executive Summary. 

Public Hearings

On January 13, 2015, the Beaverton City Council voted to acknowledge the South Cooper Mountain Concept Plan and to adopt the Community Plan for the South Cooper Mountain Annexation Area through Ordnance Nos. 4651 and 4652. These documents can be found on the City of Beaverton South Cooper Mountain Public Involvement webpage.

On January 20, 2015 the Washington County Board of Commissioners voted to acknowledge the South Cooper Mountain Concept Plan.

Next Steps

On January 27, 2015, the planning staff provided the Draft 2015 Long Range Planning Work Program to the Board of County Commissioners. Additional planning for North Cooper Mountain is currently included in the 2015 Work Program as a Tier 2 item. The Annual Work Program webpage contains information on Work Program development and has a direct link to the 2015 Draft Work Program.

In addition to the Draft Work Program, two issue papers specific to Cooper Mountain were submitted to the Board to inform their discussion of this year's work program priorities. Issue Paper 2015-01A addresses potential land use and natural resource options for the North Cooper Mountain area. Issue Paper 2015-01B looks at transportation issues specific to county collector and arterial roads for the south slope of Cooper Mountain.

The Board will take public comment on the proposed work program until 5PM on February 26, 2015 and is scheduled to adopt the final work program at their March 24, 2015 public hearing.
For questions on issue paper recommendations and the Concept Plan, please contact Senior Planner Stephen Shane in Long Range Planning at 503-846-3717 or by email


Online Public Comment

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