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The funded planning effort for the Aloha Tomorrow project is now complete. The Aloha Tomorrow Final Report Summary is an overview of recommendations within the Town Center Focus Area and Tualatin Valley (TV) Highway corridor that resulted from this project. 

The full report provides more detail about these recommendations to help advance the community's vision of a walkable and livable Town Center with a mix of commercial, residential and civic uses near TV Highway and SW 185th Avenue, a main street along SW Alexander Street and high capacity transit on TV Highway. This report also presents recommendations for actions that Washington County can take  to support investments that community, private sector, and agency partners might take in pursuit of community goals.

Visit the Aloha Tomorrow Implementation page for the latest information on implementing the project recommendations.


Public Events

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We Want to Hear From You!  Aloha Community Planning Open House is April 3
Join us for the
Aloha Community Planning Open House to learn about planning efforts to advance the community’s vision for a more pedestrian and transit-friendly area.

Aloha Community Planning Open House
6-8 p.m. Wednesday, April 3
Aloha Grange
3425 SW 185th Ave., Aloha

Washington County has been working on recommendations from the Aloha Tomorrow study and the Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan to support the community’s vision for a more pedestrian and transit-supportive area. Staff will be available to discuss proposed land use changes for the area near TV Highway and 185th Avenue, as well as conceptual designs to improve transit and traveler safety along the TV Highway corridor from the Moving Forward TV Highway project.

The proposed Aloha Tomorrow Implementation ordinance will include amendments to the Community Development Code and/or the Aloha-Reedville-Cooper Mountain Community Plan that affect future development in the Aloha town center area. These changes include:

  • Building orientation and setback requirements for future development
  • Building design and façade requirements for future development
  • Parking location requirements for future development
  • Allowing more variety of mixed land uses (commercial and residential uses) in specific areas
  • Limiting new drive-thrus along TV Highway

No formal presentations are planned.

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Aloha Tomorrow Background

The Aloha community’s vision for the future includes several prominent themes, based on the results of the recent Aloha-Reedville Study and Livable Community Plan. The community vision includes:

  • Highlighting its diversity of cultures
  • Providing a place to gather to celebrate
  • Creating a community identity
  • Establishing a community “gateway”

You and other community members noted that you want to be able to walk or ride a bicycle safely, allow your children to walk or ride to school and have options to walk, ride or take transit to meet your needs and commute to work. There is also a desire for transit that is convenient, reliable and accessible.

Aloha Tomorrow is another step closer to achieving these goals. Building upon the results of earlier planning efforts, our project team will work with you, other community members, property and business owners, developers and partner agencies to continue refining the land uses for an achievable Town Center – roughly defined as the area around 185th Avenue and Tualatin Valley (TV) Highway.

Key elements of this part of the process include:

  • Identifying ways to reduce development regulation barriers to private investment.
  • Crafting guidance with community support for how future buildings relate to the roads, sidewalks, parking and bicycling.
  • Conceptualizing how Alexander Street could provide a buffer between businesses and housing that is inviting to people walking and bicycling.

TV Hwy Bus StopTV Highway is an important corridor for the community, surrounding cities and Washington County. It serves people driving, freight movement, busses and people walking and riding bicycles. This project will focus on developing alternatives for more efficient, reliable and higher-capacity transit service in the study area with an emphasis on how those alternatives could improve transit throughout the TV Highway corridor from Beaverton to Forest Grove.

The alternatives will include considerations of how to provide viable alternatives to driving, take into account safer crossings to get to transit stops (both funded and planned), take advantage of recent improvements at 185th and TV Highway intersection and identify potential intersections where transit stop improvements could provide more services, convenience, safety and accessibility.


The project will provide opportunities for you to continue participating, providing comments and sharing with your friends, neighbors and co-workers. It is your community, and this project is another step closer to helping you achieve your vision.

Please join us for the journey, and see ways to become involved.