Aloha Tomorrow

Aloha Tomorrow Town Center and Tualatin Valley Highway Corridor
The Aloha Tomorrow Study (2017) implements the community vision of the Aloha-Reedville Study and Livability Community Plan.
The study includes elements for the Town Center Focus Area near Tualatin Valley Highway and 185th Avenue. It also includes recommendations for the TV Highway Corridor. See map 

Town Center Focus Area elements:
  • Aloha Tomorrow Town Center illustrationRefine land uses for a walkable and livable Town Center. This includes commercial, residential and civic uses. 
  • Identify ways to reduce development barriers to private investment.
  • Craft guidance for the relationship between future buildings  roads, sidewalks and parking.
  • Make Alexander Street a Town Center “main street” to encourage walking and bicycling.
Options to improve public transportation on Tualatin Valley Highway (Beaverton to Forest Grove):
  • Aloha Tomorrow Public Transit illustrationImprove pedestrian access to transit stops.
  • Improve transit stop and station convenience and safety.
  • Adjust traffic signals to improve transit efficiency.
  • Add pedestrian crossings to Tualatin Valley Highway and 185th Avenue.