Equitable Housing Site Barriers and Solutions

Contact: Kim Armstrong, senior planner | 503-846-3686

Our Equitable Housing Barriers and Solutions project, funded by a Metro grant, identifies regulations and codes that made housing development challenging. The Equitable Housing Site Barriers and Solutions Final Report recommends code changes and policy and program support changes.  View the Summary

The project focuses on how to encourage equitable housing development in Washington County. This includes:

  • Making land available 
  • Increasing staff to work on housing issues
  • Changing regulations and ways to encourage and support equitable and affordable housing

Thanks to a Metro Equitable Housing Grant, we analyzed equitable housing barriers and solutions to further evaluate affordable housing opportunities in the Cedar Mill and Aloha Town Centers, and up to three affordable housing opportunity sites in transit-supported areas.

Study Area

Affordable Housing Development Strategy MapWhile all of urban unincorporated Washington County was part of this study, previous studies identified the Cedar Mill Town Center, the Aloha Tomorrow project study area,and the Washington Square Regional Center as areas most suitable for housing development,  particularly housing affordable to lower-income households.

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