Short-term rentals - Issue Paper

Short-term rentals regulationsRegulations for short-term rental establishments are being developed by Washington County staff as directed by the Board of Commissioners.


In recent months, community members have written emails and letters and testified during meetings about the impacts some short-term rentals, such as AirBnBs, have had on community livabity.  Community members have referred to some short-term rentals as “party houses,” citing issues such as noise, parking and trash. 

Community Planning staff released Short-term Rentals: Issues and Considerations, Washington County Long Range Planning Issue Paper No. 2020-01, on Feb. 26 for a 30-day pubic comment period. Seventy-six comments were received:

  • 32% supported development of regulations for short-term rentals
  • 26% cited positive or negative impacts of short-term rentals, but did not include opinions on any form of regulation
  • 16% supported the status quo (no regulation)
  • 13% called for prohibiting short-term rentals completely
  • 11% did not support regulations requiring short-term rentals to be owners’ primary residences
  • 2% supported stronger noise and parking enforcement, but did not support regulation

Next steps


Next steps: Short-term rental regulations