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Significant Natural Resources

Project Manager Michelle Miller, Senior Planner | 503-846-8101

Significant Natural ResourcesThe Significant Natural Resources (SNR) Program Review and Assessment examines our Goal 5 program regulations on natural resources in the urban area. The assessment includes a road map to potential updates of the regulations and related issues.

We created the assessment in 2020, after community members shared concerns. Those concerns involved how our development review process protected significant natural resources.

The assessment includes:

  • Review of state regulations and Land Use Board of Appeal (LUBA) decisions about significant natural resources.
  • Historical review of our Goal 5 natural resource inventory, program and regulations.
  • Public  engagement including Community Participation Organizations (CPOs), developers and others.
  • Results from a five-week open house including key findings, a timeline and survey.
  • Review of land use decisions involving significant natural resources.
  • Review of our tree removal and permit requirements.
  • Options and recommendations for changes to the County natural resource requirements. These are the result of analysis and community response.
See Significant Natural Resources, Building Connections - FY 2019-20 Annual Report

About Significant Natural Resources

Our significant natural resources include:

  • Land along waterways
  • Water areas 
  • Wetlands
  • Fish and wildlife habitats
  • Other areas significant because of their unique features


What is state Planning Goal 5?

Goal 5 requires local governments to identify and protect significant natural resource areas. We inventoried our significant natural resource area in the early 1980s. Our Community Development Code Section 422 includes regulations that protect, preserve or mitigate impacts to these resources.