170th Avenue/Merlo Road Conceptual Design Plan

Project Overview

StudyAreaMapWebThe 170th/Merlo corridor is an important north-south connection for neighborhoods,  employment area, transit lines, schools and parks.  It includes: 

  • SW 170th Avenue, between Baseline Road and Tualatin Valley Highway (TV Highway)
  • SW Merlo Road. between 170th Avenue and Jenkins Road 

The corridor was not serving the needs of travelers. Sidewalks and bike lanes were missing and traffic congestion is increasing. The 170th Avenue/Merlo Road Conceptual Design Plan has a preferred design for the corridor to benefit all travelers, provide safe access to destinations and considers impacts to properties and the environment. 

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This project was partially funded by a transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Program grant, from the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.