Project Objectives

The outcome of this project is a conceptual design for SW 170th Avenue and SW Merlo Road that, when built, will provide safer walking, biking, and driving conditions as well as better access to schools, jobs, transit lines, parks, trails and other destinations. The design will also reflect the importance of natural features such as Beaverton Creek and surrounding wetlands and forests.

More specific objectives* are to:

  • Create a corridor that will encourage and support safer walking, biking and transit access and reduce the need to drive.

  • Create a corridor that better links Aloha neighborhoods with nearby destinations including two schools, two MAX light rail stations, Tualatin Hills Nature Park, and nearby employment areas such as Nike.

  • Identify ways to address potential environmental impacts including rain runoff from any additional pavement and concrete, construction within floodplains and wetlands, and impacts on mature trees, with consideration of "green street" treatments and more conventional measures.

  • See how much right-of-way is available and look into ways to limit the number of driveways and streets intersecting 170th Avenue and Merlo Road.

  • Examine the local street and trail network to find ways to better connect the neighborhood with surrounding destinations.

  • Explore innovative bikeway treatments for 170th Avenue and Merlo Road, such as a two-way cycle track.

  • Explore possible bus stop locations, including safe pedestrian access, in anticipation of a TriMet-proposed bus line along 170th Avenue and Merlo Road.

  • Provide safe routes and crossings for people walking or biking to major destinations such as Beaver Acres Elementary School, Merlo Station High School and Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

  • Explore project phasing options that could deliver pedestrian/bicycle facilities in advance of planned roadway widening.

  • Involve a broad range of the community in designing concepts for 170th Avenue and Merlo Road, ensuring compliance with federal Title VI regulations regarding outreach to historically under-represented community members.
*These objectives have been reworded from more technical language included in the project work scope.