Rightsizing the Parking Code

RightsizingLogoWebThe Rightsizing the Parking Code project, funded by a Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) grant, evaluated existing policies to determine what may need to change in order to improve the balance of vehicle and bicycle parking demand with the supply of parking for all travel modes, and encourage more efficient land use.

The project included researching other jurisdictions and studies that addressed the issues of effective on-street and off-street parking. The project team worked with a stakeholder and technical advisory group to highlight parking issues that affect the County, and to develop potential changes to County policy and implementing regulations.

The project produced six technical reports, including possible changes in policy that will inform future discussions, and a public outreach summary. The documents can be accessed below.


Background & Policy Framework

Parking Management Best Practices

Evaluation Criteria

Recommended Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Final Public Outreach Report

Parking Inventory, Occupancy, and Turnover Study - Conclusions Report

Parking Management Strategies

Rightsizing the Parking Code Issue Paper