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Washington County Public Transportation

Washington County Transit Areas Map







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Washington County receives Statewide Transportation Improvement Funds (STIF) to improve public transportation services. This includes areas both inside the TriMet Service District and in the rural areas outside the TriMet and South Metro Area Regional Transit (Smart) service districts.  See map

We are working with public transportation agencies in these areas to create: 

  • Community Connectors: Transit services for communities that are outside the TriMet or SMART service districts.
  • Last-mile shuttles: Connections from residential areas or major destinations like employment or commercial areas to frequent bus or rail service. 
  • Door-to-door: On-demand transportation for those who live outside TriMet and SMART service districts.
  • Cross-county service: Providing transit connections with transit services offered by other nearby counties.
  • Rural workforce shuttles: Providing transportation between cities and agricultural or other rural employment centers.

We work collaboratively with TriMet, Ride Connection and all transit providers to improve transit services for Washington County.