Transit Development Plan


Washington County Transit Development PlanRural Interrregional Transit Service and Key Connections in Washington County

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Our Transit Development Plan lists priorities for each two-year state budget. It also includes public transportation longer-term priorities. 

Our plan, adopted in 2021, meets the Oregon Department of Transportation Statewide Transportation Improvement Funds (STIF) eligibility requirements.  

The plan meet the following state requirements to:

  1. Provide more frequent bus service to low-income areas.
  2. Expand bus routes and services to  low-income areas.
  3. Fund reduced-fare programs in low-income areas.
  4. Use low- or no-emission vehicles.
  5. Improve service to TriMet and South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART) areas.
  6. Coordinate between service providers to improve service connections.
  7. Provide transit service for students in grades 9-12.

The Board of Commissioners appointed a Transit Advisory Committee to recommend the plan. The committee includes the community, transit providers and others. It is part of TriMet's Tri-county Public Transportation Improvement Plan and has approval from: