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About the Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update

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The Transportation System Plan defines what kind of transportation we want in the future and how we can achieve it.  The plan identifies transportation systems and outlines policies and strategies necessary to meet existing and future travel needs (motor vehicle, transit, freight, bicycle & pedestrian) based on projected population, employment growth and community aspirations.  The existing plan looks at needs though 2020; the updated plan will extend the planning horizon to the year 2035. 

Interested in knowing what is in the County's current adopted (2002) Transportation Plan?

The Transportation Plan (synonymous with TSP) is one of six elements of the County's Comprehensive Plan. The TSP supports the adopted development patterns in the community plans, the Rural/Natural Resource Plan, and city comprehensive plans. To view the plan click HERE.

The TSP also addresses provisions of the Regional Transportation Plan and the state Transportation Planning Rule. To see an overview of the 2020 Transportation Plan click HERE.


Why Update the Transportation System Plan (TSP)?

The TSP is not a static document. Updating the TSP fulfills the requirements of Oregon's statewide planning program: to meet or be consistent with federal, state and regional requirements. The TSP update will focus on transportation facilities under the jurisdiction or control of Washington County. Coordination with cities and ODOT, who have their own planning efforts, will occur through the Interagency Coordinating Committee

The Scope of the Project

The TSP is anticipated to be revisited again in the next few years to address regional and state plan changes (Metro's Climate Smart Communities planning initiative is likely to require local plan policy and regulatory changes as soon as 2015).  In recognition of this, the focus of this planning effort is intended to be somewhat constrained; it will focus on major elements of the system and on updating system and policy provisions as necessary to achieve consistency with other jurisdictions' plans and in areas where significant change has occurred in the past ten years.  

Project Team

County: Planning
  • Project Manager: Steve L. Kelley, Senior Planner

Consultant: DKS and CH2M Hill
  • Project Manager: Carl Springer, DKS
  • Public Involvement: Kristin Hull, CH2M Hill



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