TSP Committee Structure

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The public and agency involvement structure of Washington County's Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update project is designed to ensure that citizens, business and affected interest groups and public agencies and service providers in Washington County have ample opportunity to keep abreast of and participate in the study. 


There are two committees involved in the TSP update: the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Interagency Coordinating Committee (ICC).  The roles and responsibilities of the committees and their members are described below:



The 18-member Community Advisory Committee reviews, comments and advises the staff/consultant team on study work and helps shape plan policies.  Community Advisory Committee members are expected to keep any citizens and affected interest groups they may represent apprised of plan update progress.
Committee members were appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, which consulted with and received recommendations from Citizen Participation Organization leadership and the Committee for Citizen Involvement prior to making the appointments.


The CAC will meet six to eight times during the 18-24 month study period; meetings are open to the public.  To view the next scheduled meeting click here. Summaries of CAC meetings and meeting materials are available here.


CAC Membership List

(for a list of affected interest groups click here)


Bill Berg, CPO 6
Bonnie Hadley, CPO 4B and URMDAC
Ernie Conway, CPO 3
Faun Hosey, CPO 8
Hal Ballard, Tourism
Herb Hirst, Planning Commission
Jake Mintz, CPO 1
John Malnerich, CPO 15 and RROMAC
Jon Reimann, Economic Development

Open, Youth
Mark Bauer, Business
Matt Wellner, Homebuilders
Monica Shumaker, CPO 4M and Transit
Peter Welte, Bicycle
Ron Jamtgaard, Natural Resource and Health
Susan Otcenas, CPO 7
Open, Freight
Annee VonBorg, Pedestrian and TDM


There are 16 cities and numerous public service providers in Washington County.  The Interagency Coordinating Committee, which is composed of representatives from these agencies, provides technical review and ensures intergovernmental coordination at the staff level.  
This 22-member group will meet four to six times during the 18-24 month study period; meetings are open to the public.  To view the next scheduled meeting click here. Summaries of ICC meetings and meeting materials are available here. 

ICC Membership List


Jim Hough, City of Banks 
Margaret Middleton, City of Beaverton 
Terry Keyes, City of Cornelius 
Roland Signett, City of Durham 
James  Reitz, City of Forest Grove 
Richard Williams, City of Gaston 
Don Odermott, City of Hillsboro 
Dave Wells, City of King City 
Martha DeBry, City of North Plains 
Representative TBD, City of Portland  
Representative TBD, City of Rivergrove
Robert Galati, City of Sherwood 

Judith Gray, City of Tigard 
Kaaren Hoffman , City of Tualatin  
Representative TBD, City of Wilsonville
Debby  Wright, Beaverton School District
Loren  Rogers, Hillsboro School District
Deena Platman, Metro 
Marah  Danielson, ODOT 
Representative TBD, Port of Portland  
Hal Bergsma, THPRD 
Jessica   Engelmann, TriMet 
Karen  Mohling, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue 
Jeff Mori, Washington County Sheriff