Cooper Mountain Transportation Study

Study criteriaThe Cooper Mountain area is experiencing increased traffic demand from regional growth and nearby developing areas. Building on recommendations from the Washington County Transportation Futures Study, the Cooper Mountain Transportation Study will evaluate roadway network options to disperse traffic through the area.

This will include assessment of transportation improvements to determine the benefits, costs, opportunities and constraints of the alternatives. The assessment will inform decisions about the long-term multimodal transportation network within the study area and will help prioritize future capital projects.

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The study was launched based on comments received from previous planning projects. Please share any additional ideas, as well as thoughts on the initial improvement concept packages at right. These concept packages will model how the potential elements could work together as a system, and provide a better idea of their benefits and constraints. The Roadway Improvement Concepts map highlights potential improvement areas within the study area. The map has highlighted and dashed areas showing potential improvements on existing roadways and clouds over other areas where a new roadway connection could be made.

Roadway improvement concepts

Roadway Concepts Improvements - Click to enlarge

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Concept improvement packages

Around the Mountain - Click to enlarge 

Around the Mountain
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175th Corridor - Click to enlarge

175th Corridor
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Kitchen Sink - Click to enlarge

Kitchen Sink
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