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The First and Last Mile (FLM) project is about developing strategies to make transit safe, accessible and viable for all who live, work and visit Washington County. The project team is preparing a report to address the following:

FLM identify icon Identifying priority locations to implement first and last mile transit access projects, programs and partnerships, including:
  FLM bike icon  Bicycle and pedestrian improvements
  FLM transit icon On-demand transportation (shuttles, microtransit, ridesharing, carsharing, bikesharing, ridesourcing, and mobility hubs)
FLM identify icon Identify policy considerations to improve transit access especially in relation to emerging on-demand and shared mobility transportation options. 











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Making Transit Accessible

Transit ridership need to triple in the next 20 years in order to reduce the number of vehicles on roads and to meet long-term climate goals. Obstacles to increased transit use include: 

  • Unconnected sidewalks
  • Infrequent signalized street crossings
  • Poor street lighting
  • Substandard bicycle and pedestrian facilities 
  • Lack of transit near major employers

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The anticipated timeline for the project is subject to change.


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