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Moving Forward TV Highway is focused on improving transit and traveler safety between Cornelius Pass Road and 160th Avenue. The project includes identification, evaluation and recommendations to improve bus speeds and reliability along the TV Highway corridor. It will also identify and prioritize pedestrian and bicycle connections needed to create safer access to transit in the area, including new sidewalks, bicycle lanes and enhanced crossing treatments. This effort includes steps and responsibilities for moving forward transit-related improvements in the TV Highway corridor.

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The project is funded through the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transportation and Growth Management program. Project partners also include TriMet, cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton, Metro, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R).


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Public Events

Aloha Community Planning Open House
April 3, Washington County Long Range Planning hosted an open house at the Aloha Grange to obtain public feedback on conceptual designs to improve transit and traveler safety along the TV Highway corridor. 
Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page to submit comments or ask a question about the following posters that were displayed at the April 3 open house:
  1. Study Area
  2. Existing Conditions
  3. Corridor Needs
  4. Common Elements
  5. What does "getting around safely" Mean to You
  6. Project Goals
  7. Project Goals 2
  8. Initial Concepts
    • Enhanced Transit Concept – refers to spot treatments at intersections to provide transit priority treatments, such as queue bypasses/jumps, by allowing buses to use turn pockets. This can provide benefit for transit speed and reliability at the most congested intersection along the study corridor.
    • Corridor Business Access and Transit (BAT) Lane - BAT lane on the north side of TV Highway to provide improved transit priority but maintain property driveway access to corridor businesses. Assumes widening the corridor on the north side for the extent of the study area, which is expected to require significant property acquisition and potential building impacts.
    • One-Way Couplet Concept – This concept would convert TV Highway and Alexander Street into a one-way couplet between 209th Avenue and 170th Avenue. General purpose traffic is assumed to travel eastbound on TV Highway and westbound on Alexander Street, which will require a series of new traffic signals and roadway improvements. Removing westbound travel on TV Highway creates opportunity to repurpose the roadway space to allow transit to operate in both directions along the south side of TV Highway in dedicated transit lanes.
    • Single Bi-Directional Transit Lane Concept - This concept assumes repurposing the center two-way left turn lane on TV Highway into a single bi-directional transit guideway. This option requires stations to be placed in the center of the roadway at specific locations to allow buses to pass each other.  
  9. Comparative Assessment
  10. Pick a Concept

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TV Highway is currently served by TriMet Line 57 – a Frequent Service bus route between Forest Grove and Beaverton Transit Center. With more than 7,500 average daily riders, Line 57 has the highest ridership of any Washington County bus line. Line 57 also has the longest span of service in the County, with about 22 hours of service daily, at a typical frequency of 15 minutes.

Line 57 ranks 10th in the regional TriMet system for providing access to jobs, housing and social services to minority, low-income, youth and those with limited English proficiency. Of the 65,000 people who live within a quarter mile of Line 57, 45% are below 200% of the poverty line and are considered transit dependent.

The TV Highway corridor was selected as a "Next Phase Regional Priority Corridor" in Metro's 2035 High Capacity Transit (HCT) System Plan and has been the subject of substantial local planning work. Over the course of the Aloha Tomorrow, TV Highway Corridor Plan and Aloha-Reedville planning processes, public outreach efforts have consistently identified active transportation infrastructure investments as critical to providing more affordable and equitable travel options to move the community toward a more livable, healthy, and sustainable future. These recommendations will be explored and refined in the Moving Forward TV Highway Project to improve corridor bus service and access to transit along the corridor:

  • Improve pedestrian crossings and fill in sidewalk gaps
  • Improve bicycle crossings and develop continuous east-west parallel bike routes 
  • Improve street lighting along major streets
  • Improve bus stops with concrete landing pads, benches, and shelters
  • Evaluate potential near-term enhanced transit and long-term high capacity transit (HCT) alternatives


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