Washington County Transportation Futures Study



Washington County has developed into a vibrant urban metropolitan area that also retains a thriving rural community and economy. A safe and functional transportation system is critical to our economy and quality of life. At the close of its 2013 session, the Oregon Legislature provided funding for the Washington County Transportation Study to evaluate the long-term transportation strategies and investments needed to sustain the county's economic health and quality of life in the coming decades.

This study provides the opportunity to:

  • think big and look far beyond the Transportation System Plan's 20-year horizon;
  • study the county's evolving demographic and economic conditions and implications for travel needs;
  • evaluate the tradeoffs from two transportation investment packages against a range of community values and two plausible future land use scenarios; and
  • position Washington County for continued success in the future.

The study results will provide a better understanding of long-term transportation needs, tradeoffs between alternative transportation investments, and inform future choices and decisions.


Project website:


Visit the project website to stay informed as the study progresses, sign up for updates, or provide comments to the project team. You can also contact the project team by phone at 503-846-4530 or by email at wctfs@co.washington.or.us