Washington County Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan


Washington County adopted the current pedestrian and bicycle elements as part of the 2020 Transportation Plan in October 2002. These elements include policies, strategies and system maps that define and support the development of the pedestrian and bicycle systems in Washington County through the year 2020.

The policies, strategies and maps included in each element were developed during a multi-year process that resulted in the adoption of the Plan. Research and information gathered during the Plan update process was compiled into three documents: The 2020 Transportation Plan adopted by ordinance, and the Technical Appendix and Background Report documents, which were adopted by resolution and order.

The Washington County Transportation System Plan 2035 Update is currently in Phase II, which involves the development of a set of maps identifying specific recommendations for all elements of the county's transportation system. This includes the designation of the functional classification and number of lanes on county roads and modal plans addressing public transit, bicycles, pedestrians and freight. To learn what is proposed for bicycle and pedestrian modal plans and expected dates for public hearings, please visit the Transportation System Plan 2035 Update website.

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Washington County Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan (Complete file/ 20Mb)
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