Adopted A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 712

On October 27, 2009, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. 712-A.  This ordinance amends the Washington County Comprehensive Plan to adopt the land use and transportation components of the North Bethany Subarea Plan. 

The adopted A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 712 includes the text and maps that make up the North Bethany Subarea Plan. Other exhibits amend the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area (Urban Plan), the 2020 Transportation Plan and the Community Development Code (CDC).  


Adopted A-Engrossed Ordinance 712 (Complete file/ 8Mb)  
Due to the size of the complete ordinance, it has been divided into separate sections as smaller PDF files. 


Interested Parties Cover Letter

Table of Contents & Cover Ordinance


Bethany Community Plan

Exhibit 1:  Chapter 1 and Overview, with two maps to create the Arbor Oaks Subarea


Community Plan - North Bethany Subarea

Exhibit 2: Chapter 2: North Bethany Subarea Plan

Exhibit 3 Maps:


Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area Amendments

Exhibit 4: Policy 1-  The Planning Process (with map)

Exhibit 5: Policy 18-  Plan Designations and Local Criteria for Development

Exhibit 6: Policy 40-  Regional Planning Implementation, includes 'Main Street' map

Exhibit 12: Policy 15-  Roles and Responsibilities for Serving Growth (with 6 maps)

Exhibit 13: Policy 43- Community Design for New Urban Areas

Exhibit 14: Policy 44-  Managing Growth in New Urban Areas


2020 Transportation Plan Amendments

Exhibit 7: Policy 6-  Roadway System Policy, includes 'Regional Street Design Overlay' map

Exhibit 8: Policy 10-  Functional Classification Policy Text

Exhibit 8 Maps:

Map- Functional Classification System

Map- Lane Numbers (2 maps)

Map- Study Areas

Exhibit 9: Policy 14-  Pedestrian Policy, includes 'Off-Street Trails System' map

Exhibit 10: Policy 15-  Bicycle Policy, includes 'Bicycle System' map


Community Development Code Amendments

Exhibit 11: Section 308-  Future Development 20 Acre District (FD-20)