Cell Tower Standards - Ordinance



Ordinance icon - cell towerLast year, telecommunication facilities regulations in the Community Development Code (CDC) were updated by Ordinance No. 826 in order to streamline the review process, modernize the terms and comply with federal regulations. Changes were also proposed that would regulate new standalone telecommunication facility poles in the County's right-of-way (ROW). The Board of Commissioners (Board) approved the ordinance, but removed the proposed language allowing new telecommunication facility poles in the ROW. The Board directed staff to gather more information about issues related to telecommunication facilities in the ROW, specifically impacts on development projects if telecommunication facilities are required to be relocated to comply with conditions of development approval. Staff is researching these issues and will brief the Board before determining whether an ordinance is required.

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Please email lutplan@co.washington.or.us to share comments or ask a question regarding cell tower standards. Comments submitted will be considered by staff as the regulations develop. Comments provided here will not be considered public testimony and will not be included in the ordinance record. To submit testimony after the ordinance is filed please see the "Public Testimony" information below.


Public Testimony

This ordinance has not been filed. After a proposed ordinance is filed, written and oral testimony will be accepted and will appear in the official ordinance record. Input submitted prior to filing will be considered under advisement but is not treated as testimony.

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