Group Care and Fair Housing Cleanup

Contact: Kim Armstrong, Senior Planner | 503-846-3686


Amendments to Washington County's Group Care requirements (Community Development Code Section 430-530), including updates to facility types, are needed for consistency with Oregon Revised Statutes (Chapter 443), Federal Fair Housing law and best-practice recommendations of the Fair Housing Council of Oregon. 

In coordination with housing affordability, the proposed ordinance will update the definition of Retirement Housing Communities (CDC Section 430-53.7) and expand locations where these may be allowed. The goals of this work include facilitating review of senior housing developments that provide a continuum of care, accommodating a range of needs from independent to assisted living, and expand the range of housing options for older Washington County residents. 


Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance No. 823, Amending the Community Development Code Relating to retirement housing communities in order to better meet the changing housing needs of the senior community was adopted 9/5/17 - effective 10/5/17.


Additional Resources

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