Housing Affordability - Ordinance

Contact: Kim Armstrong, Senior Planner | 503-846-3686


Ordinance icon - Housing AffordabilityWashington County residents have expressed concern about increasing housing costs. The Department of Land Use & Transportation is working with Housing Services and Community Development to explore ways to encourage more housing and/or lower costs to help develop more affordably priced housing. 

A Metro grant funded study focused on identifying standards in the Community Development Code (CDC) that may make housing development more difficult or more expensive. Amending the CDC to help make housing easier, faster and less costly to develop may increase housing supply and make housing more affordable for Washington County residents. Staff will present the Washington County Equitable Housing Site Barriers and Solutions report and summary of the report to the Board of Commissioners at its May 22 work session.

Ordinances are likely in 2018 and 2019.

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Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance No. 835, proposing to amend the Community Development Code Community Development Code, an element of the Comprehensive Plan, to implement legislative changes related to housing was adopted 8/21/18 - effective 11/23/18.


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