Long Range Planning Section

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Andy Back, Planning and Development Services Manager

The Long Range Planning Section is responsible for the preparation, maintenance and periodic update of County planning documents and ordinances, including the Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area, the Rural/Natural Resource Plan, all community plans and the Transportation System Plan.

The Long Range Planning Section also provides various economic and demographic analyses to County departments and outside agencies.

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The Long Range Planning section work is organized into the following categories:

Community Planning   
Theresa Cherniak, Community Planning Principal Planner

The Community Planning Program is responsible for the preparation, maintenance and periodic update of the County's Comprehensive Plan. The program monitors the plan and keeps it in conformance with state and regional requirements; as well as addresses community issues identified by the Board of Commissioners.

Transportation Planning  
Erin Wardell, Transportation Planning Principal Planner
The Transportation Planning section's primary responsibility is preparing and periodically updating the County Transportation System Plan. Other major duties include working with Metro and the Oregon Department of Transportation on regional transportation issues and initiatives, travel forecasting, oversight and coordination of the countywide Traffic Impact Fee (TIF) program, bicycle and pedestrian planning, and planning support for other LUT divisions.

This program also staffs monthly Washington County Coordinating Committee meetings, a regular forum for local elected officials to discuss transportation issues. Transportation planning activities include considerable involvement and discussion with county interest groups and residents in general.

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