Infill Standards in R-5 and R-6 Land Use Districts

Contact: Suzanne Savin, Senior Planner | 503-846-3963


In 2016, the Washington County Committee for Community Involvement (CCI) requested an update of the County's Community Development Code (CDC) infill standards (Section 430-72). The infill standards apply to residential development of properties in the R-5 and R-6 land use districts that are 2 acres or less in size, and their primary purpose is to promote the privacy of existing developed areas when residential infill development occurs. The CCI's update request was to make the infill standards "clear and objective", so they would comply with the state's "needed housing" rule (Oregon Revised Statutes 197.303 –197.307). Staff reviewed the infill standards and recommended that they be updated, for the reasons described in ISSUE PAPER NO. 2017-01 Updating the Standards of CDC Section 430-72 (Infill).

The proposed ordinance would amend CDC Section 430-72 by removing subjective and discretionary standards and adding a requirement to provide at least one of the following clear and objective privacy measures along all side and/or rear lot lines of adjacent properties with existing homes: A minimum 6-foot evergreen landscape buffer, or minimum 6-foot tall site-obscuring fence. These changes will comply with the state's "needed housing" rule, ORS 197.307, which states that standards applied to "needed housing" must be clear and objective.



Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance No. 820, Amending the Community Development Code Relating to Infill Development in R-5 and R-6 Land Use Districts was adopted 8/22/17 - effective 11/24/17.


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