Zoning and Land Use Planning/Building Information

Planning and Development Services

Planning responsibilities for Washington County are divided between the Long Range Planning Section, the Current Planning Section and the Building Services Section. 

Current Planning Section
This section handles current development in unincorporated Washington County and provides plan and development review.

Building Services Section
This section handles building inspection (structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical), and code compliance.

Long Range Planning Section
This section handles long range planning (20-year horizon or longer) primarily in unincorporated Washington County and provides transportation, community land use planning, economic and demographic information services.

Land Use Information

Land Use Ordinances
A land use ordinance adopts, amends or repeals provisions of the Washington County Comprehensive Plan, which includes the Transportation System Plan, the Community Plans, the Community Development Code and/or related maps, or otherwise directly governs the use of the land.

Important Publications
These are the documents/publications that make up the Washington County Comprehensive Plan that provide the policies, implementing strategies and standards that guide general land use and transportation.

Interactive Mapping/Intermap
This mapping program allows you to view detailed maps of unincorporated Washington County. You can view current city boundaries, school district boundaries, land use designations and many other map features. Intermap also allows you to determine in which service districts individual properties are located within and to research property values and County land use permits. In addition, you can download the County's detailed tax maps.

Brochures / Information Sheets

List of Land Use District Designations with Descriptions

The Land Development Planning Process, Part 1 (Current Planning, subdivisions, etc.)

The Land Development Planning Process, Part 2 Residential (Final Approval, permit process, etc.)

The Land Development Planning Process, Part 2 Commercial (Final Approval, permit process, etc.)