North Bethany Main Street Urban Design Plan - Ordinance

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North Bethany Main Street Open House logoThe North Bethany Main Street is an approximately 13 acre area located near the center of the North Bethany community and bisected by NW Kaiser Road. The Main Street's mixed-use commercial area is intended to create a "complete" community, where daily needs and services can be met with multiple transportation modes (on foot, by bicycle and by car) and without the need for long trips.  

Before development applications for properties within the Main Street can be submitted, the North Bethany Subarea Plan requires a Main Street Urban Design Plan (UDP) to be adopted. The UDP would address design and dimensional standards for the Main Street area, including building orientation and setbacks, building height limits, building articulation and façade requirements, locational requirements for off-street parking, and streetscape elements

Department of Land Use and Transportation Community Planning staff are creating UDP recommendations for the Main Street with the assistance of a team of design consultants and a Project Advisory Committee composed of key stakeholders, including representatives from CPO 7, development interests and service agencies. The UDP recommendations will be shared at two public open house events, in order to gather public feedback on the recommendations and refine them further.   

The UDP recommendations for the Main Street will be implemented through the development of amendments to the Community Development Code and the North Bethany Subarea Plan of the Bethany Community Plan.

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  • Ordinance No. 838, North Bethany Main Street Urban Design Plan, amending Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area, the Community Development Code, and the Bethany Community Plan to add requirements applicable to future development within the Main Street area of the North Bethany Subarea. adopted 10/23/18 - effective 11/22/18
  • Ordinance No. 846 amends Chapter 2, the North Bethany Subarea Plan of the Bethany Community Plan and the Community Development Code (CDC) to make limited amendments related to the North Bethany Main Street Urban Design Plan. North Bethany’s Main Street area is a mixed-use area that is intended to serve as a focal point of the North Bethany community. Design and development standards for the Main Street area were adopted in 2018 via A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 838. adopted 5/28/19 - effective 6/27/19

    Ordinance No. 846 also corrects an inconsistent Plan reference to North Bethany’s civic use and includes CDC amendments that were present in the originally-filed version of Ordinance No. 838, but were unintentionally omitted from that ordinance when it was engrossed (amended).


Public Testimony

Ordinance No. 846 North Bethany Main Street Urban Design Plan (limited amendments) was filed Feb. 8, 2019. Testimony submitted after filing is a statement made to decisionmakers (the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners) regarding the filed ordinance, and will appear in the official ordinance record.

To provide written testimony regarding this proposed ordinance, you must include the author(s)' name, address, and phone number and submit via: emailfax or U.S. Mail: Washington County, Long Range Planning Division 155 N. First Ave., Suite 350, MS14, Hillsboro, OR 97124-3072.                             


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