Parking and Loading Standards

Contact: Dyami Valentine, senior planner | 503-846-3821



Parking is an essential component of the transportation system and has major land use implications. Where and how parking needs are accommodated can make a big difference in the success of affordable housing, economic development, traffic flow, smart growth, historic preservation and many other community goals. Historically, the approach to providing parking was that more parking is better;and that past trends related to parking needs are good predictors of the future. The Rightsizing the Parking Code project found that Washington County's parking regulations related to new development predominantly rely on this old approach for identifying parking needs. To address these issues, staff propose will recommendations for potential implementation 


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Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance No. 827, amending the Community Development Code (CDC) related to parking and loading standards. The amendments adjust minimum off-street parking requirements, establish parking standards for regulated affordable housing, expand eligibility for reducing minimum parking ratios, update parking lot design standards, and add standards for electric vehicle charging spaces and motorcycle parking was adopted 10/24/17 - effective 11/24/17.


Additional Resources

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