Urban Planning Area Agreements Updates 2018 - Ordinance

Contact: Michelle Miller, Senior Planner | 503-846-8101


Ordinance icon - UPAAThe County has Urban Planning Area Agreements (UPAA)s with all cities in the County that are within the Regional Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). These agreements identify and describe each city's urban planning area and outline and acknowledge the responsibilities for comprehensive planning activities. Over time, amendments are made to UPAAs in order to expand or modify a city's planning area boundary and provide updates to regional comprehensive planning policies. Individual UPAAs are elements of the County's comprehensive plan and are approved via ordinance by the Board of Commissioners. This year, the County plans to update the UPAAs with Forest Grove, Cornelius and King City, in part to identify responsibility for planning the Urban Reserve areas.

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Adopted Ordinance

  • Ordinance 836-King City, amending Washington County-King City Urban Planning Area Agreement (UPAA), was adopted 8/28/18 - effective 9/27/18.
  • Ordinance 837-Forest Grove, the 1988 Washington County-Forest Grove UPAA was adopted 8/28/18 - effective 9/27/18.
  • Ordinance 839-Beaverton amending the 1988 Washington County-Beaverton Urban Planning Area Agreement (UPAA), was adopted 10/23/18 - effective 11/22/18.


Additional Resources

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