Urban Planning Area Agreements (UPAA)

Contact: Michelle Miller, senior planner | 503-846-8101


Comprehensive planning within the regional Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is coordinated between the County and cities through Urban Planning Area Agreements (UPAAs). Over time, some UPAAs have become outdated and should be updated to reflect the adoption of urban reserve areas and changes to the urban planning areas. A review of the Urban Services Agreements (USAs) with possible updates, will also be considered, as appropriate.


The 2017 ordinance season will focus on cities actively concept planning new Urban Reserve Areas  that may soon be added to the UGB. Updates proposed will include addressing the planning authority and coordination for urban reserves and new urban areas. The agreements will also consider any regional transportation issues within the urban planning areas.


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Public Testimony

Proposed Ordinance No. 821, Amending the Washington County - Sherwood Urban Planning Area Agreement was filed May 26, 2017. Testimony submitted after filing is a statement made to decisionmakers (the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners) regarding the filed ordinance, and will appear in the official ordinance record. To provide written testimony regarding this proposed ordinance, you must include the author(s)' name, address, and phone number and submit via emailfax or U.S. Mail: Washington County, Long Range Planning Division 155 N. First Ave., Suite 350, MS14, Hillsboro, OR 97124-3072

You may also provide oral testimony at a public hearing. See the 2017 Land Use Ordinance page for a list of hearing dates, times, and materials for all land use ordinances filed or adopted in the 2017 ordinance season.