Inclement weather response

Severe weather like flooding, high winds, freezing rain or ice and snow can create difficult travel conditions. We work together on our severe weather operations with state and local agencies through mutual aid agreements.

We don’t have the resources to inspect our 1,300 miles of roadway before and during a storm. Instead, we have priority routes that connect to important resources like hospitals, emergency services and highways.


We post high-water warning signs when water covers part of a road, impacting travel. You can still use the road. 

If we set up road closure barricades, you cannot use the road. We do that when the lanes in one or both directions are underwater or if water is flowing across the roadway.

Susbauer and Fern Hill roads both flood often during heavy rainfall. We have installed permanent, manual-locking flood gates on both these roads. The gates prevent motorists from drving into floodwaters. The gates on Susbauer Road are south of Hornecker Road and north of Long Road. The gates on Fern Hill Road are south of Taylor Way and north of Geiger Road.

High winds

High winds can cause trees and branches to fall and block roads and sidewalks. If a downed tree involves power lines, we usually close the road. Once  the power company has repaired the lines, we can remove the trees, branches and debris and reopen the road. If a power outage causes traffic signals to flash red, treat them like stop signs.

Ice and snow

When ice is in the forecast, we may use anti-icing material on roads before severe weather hits. We consider road surface, humidity, temperature, moisture and weather before use.

We may sand roads to improve traction where snow and ice create slick conditions. We use a clean, finely graded anti-skid material at intersections, curves, hills and other areas prone to slippery conditions.

During severe weather, we activate our three Snow Zones by turning on the flashing lights on the snow-zones signs. When the lights are flashing, chains or traction tires are required by law. Snow Zones are located on parts of 175th Avenue, Barnes Road and Cornell Road. See Snow Zones.