Event Permits

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Public Permitting and Services PortalVisit the Public Permitting and Services Portal for events permits and more. First-time users will need to complete the one-time account registration process. Watch the "How-to Register" video.

Once an account is created, users can:

  • Apply for an event permit (found under the "right-of-way" section online)
  • Track status
  • Conduct a search (Watch the "How to Search" video)


Permits are required for events in the right-of-way – such as races, parades, filming activities and block parties – to ensure the events are safe and do not conflict with other road uses. For more information, call 503-846-7623 or email.

Event permits only authorize activities within the right-of-way. They do not authorize any modifications within the right-of-way. Modifications require a Right-of-Way Permit.

Please allow four weeks processing time for event permit applications.

For information about events on private property - such as concerts, weddings, festivals - please contact Current Planning's Code Compliance section: