Race, walk and bike permits

Race, walk and bike permitsWash Co Permit Portal Call OutWashington County Operations and Maintenance Division processes permits for events such as as Race/Walk/Bike event, parades, film/video, and block parties.

Visit the Public Permitting and Services Portal for applications for these events and more.

First-time users will need to first comlete the one-time account registration process. Watch the "How to Register" video.

Once an account is created, users can:

Application submittal requirements

  1. Completed "Race, Walk and Bike Permit Application" via the Washington County Public Services PortalDownload the PDF 
  2. Non-refundable permit fee
  3. Approval of the Washington County Sheriff's Office
  4. Certificate of Liability Insurance
  5. A signed Washington County, Oregon Indemnity Agreement & Waiver of Liability
  6. Map of the route or area involved (legible!), with course description
  7. Traffic control and parking plans

Other requirements

  1. Read the "Race, Walk and Bike Events--General Information" document for information on event requirements, event permit requirements, and answers to some common questions.
  2. If temporary markings are placed on the road surface to show course direction, chalk (which washes off easily with water) can be used. No paint!
  3. After the event, clean-up the area promptly.