Public Right-of-Way

To report a problem in the public road right-of-way, or if you are not sure if you need a permit, call 503-846-ROAD (846-7623) orĀ e-mail us.

Right-of-way (ROW) is land or an easement over land that is dedicated for public road purposes. Typically the public road right-of-way includes not just the traveled roadway, but also roadside sidewalks, shoulders and ditches.

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Manages use of the public right-of-way to make sure roadways are safe and to protect the County's investment in the transportation system is protected
  • Issues right-of-way permits to those who want to work in the road right-of-way. Staff inspects that work to make sure it meets requirements.
  • Issues motor carrier trip permits, also known as over-dimension transportation permits, to oversize vehicles and loads traveling on County roads to protect the transportation infrastructure and to ensure traveler safety.
  • Issues event permits for events in the right-of-way - including races, parades, film and video activities and block parties - to ensure the events are safe and do not conflict with other road uses.

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