Right-of-Way Permits

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Visit the Public Permitting and Services Portal for right-of-way permits and more. 

First-time users will need to first complete the one-time account registration process. Watch the How-to Register video. Once an account is created, users can:


A permit is required for any work performed in the public road right-of-way. This includes repair and construction of sidewalks, driveways, accesses, sewer lines, storm drains and private water lines.

Permits ensure work in the public right-of-way is done safely and conforms with established standards while protecting the public and the transportation infrastructure.

Not sure if you need a permit? Call 503-846-ROAD (846-7623) or email us for assistance. 

Visit the Public Permitting and Services Portal for the following right-of-way permits:

  • Access: Establishes the point where ingress/egress occurs between private property and a county road and allows construction to occur to build said access point.
  • General Construction: Allows individuals, businesses or public agencies to perform work such as drainage upgrades, sewer connections, new sidewalk construction, dust control application and frontage improvements in the public right-of-way.
  • Sidewalk Repair: Allows property owners to repair or replace existing sidewalk panels.
  • Sign Installation: Allows for signs installed by another public agency on public right-of-way and for neighborhood watch signs.
  • Utility: Allows a utility company to occupy the right-of-way with their facility (pipes, conduits, poles, vaults) and construct, maintain and service said facility.


ROW Agreement Forms:

NOTE: If using the Public Permitting and Systems Portal, a signed agreement will need to be uploaded to the portal before processing.

  • Dust Control Agreement (PDF) Allows an individual to hire a contractor to apply dust control to a road along the frontage of their property. The contractor must apply for a general construction permit to apply the dust control.
  • "No Spray" Agreement (PDF): Required to prevent Washington County from spraying herbicide in the right-of-way adjacent to a particular property. If you are new to the program, or need to purchase additional "no spray" placards, please contact us.
  • Storage Container Agreement (PDF): Required to place or have placed any storage container used for the temporary storage of building materials, household goods, personal items and other materials.


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