Right-of-Way Permits

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N811 Call Before You Digot sure if you need a permit? Call 503-846-ROAD (846-7623) or email us for assistance. A permit is required whenever an individual, contractor or utility company needs to perform work in the public road right-of-way. For example, a right-of-way permit is required to do sidewalk repairs, driveway repairs, construction or repair of an access, sewer line connections, storm drain repairs, and private water line installations.

The purpose of the permit is to ensure that work conducted in the public right-of-way is done safely and in conformance with established standards. The goal is to protect users of the right-of-way and to protect the public transportation infrastructure.


ROW Permit Application Forms:

Access (PDF) 
An access permit: (1) defines and establishes the point where ingress and egress occurs between private property and a county road and (2) allows construction to occur to build said access point.

Dust Control (PDF)
A dust control permit allows an individual to hire a contractor to apply dust control to a road along the frontage of their property. The contractor must apply for a general construction permit to apply the dust control.

General Construction (PDF)
A general construction permit allows individuals, businesses or public agencies to perform work such as drainage upgrades, sewer connections, new sidewalk construction, dust control application and frontage improvements in the public right-of-way.

Sidewalk (PDF)
A sidewalk permit allows property owners to repair or replace existing sidewalk panels.

Sign Installation (PDF)
A sign installation permit is for signs installed by another public agency on public right-of-way and for neighborhood watch signs.

A neighborhood watch sign permit allows individuals to have Neighborhood Watch signs installed in their neighborhood. Contact the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 503-846-2774 for information.

Utility (PDF) -
A utility permit allows utility companies to: (1) occupy the right-of-way with their facility (pipes, conduits, poles, vaults, etc.) and (2) construct, maintain and service said facility.


ROW Agreement Forms:

"No Spray" Agreement (PDF)
A "No Spray" Program property owner agreement is required to prevent Washington County from spraying herbicide in the right-of-way adjacent to a particular property.

Storage Container Agreement (PDF)
A "Storage Container Placed in the Right-of-Way" property owner agreement is required to place or have placed any storage container used for the temporary storage of building materials, household goods, personal items and other materials.


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Bank Card Form (PDF) Bank Card Information accepted by FAX, over the phone or in person. Do not send by email.
Fee Schedule - Operations (PDF) The fee schedule for LUT's Operations & Maintenance Division. These two pages are an excerpt from the Board-adopted, countywide Fee Schedule.
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