Annual Road Maintenance Program

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Road Maintenance Priority MatrixThe annual road maintenance program identifies activities that preserve the public's investment in the county's transportation infrastructure. The goal is to provide the highest possible level of service within available resources.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners guides development of the annual road maintenance program through the Road Maintenance Priority Matrix adopted in the Transportation Plan. Roads in the major roadway system get the most use and are the highest priority for maintenance funding. Local roads and neighborhood streets are a lower priority for maintenance funds.

Two citizen advisory committees work with county staff and advise the Board on issues related to road maintenance: the Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee and the Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee.

Road Maintenance Funding

Gas taxes (Road Fund)

Washington County receives a portion of state highway funds generated by a 30-cents-per-gallon tax on gasoline, truck weight-mile fees and vehicle registration fees. Anyone who buys gasoline, drives a truck that meets requirements for weight-mile fees, or registers a vehicle in Oregon pays the tax. It generates an estimated $20 million per year for maintenance of roads under Washington County's jurisdiction. (Note: Cities in Washington County get their own share of this state gas tax money.)

Washington County also collects a local one-cent-per-gallon fuel tax on gasoline. Anyone who buys gas/diesel in Washington County pays the tax. It generates an estimated $2.2 million per year ($1 million to the county and $1.2 million to local cities) and is used to maintain roads under county (or city) responsibility.

Urban Road Maintenance District

Property owners in the voter-approved Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD) pay $0.2456 per $1,000 assessed value for road maintenance on local neighborhood streets in the urban unincorporated areas. The URMD, which brings in about $3.7 million annually, provides maintenance on streets that are "below the radar" for other maintenance funds and have no city to take care of them. 

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