Pedestrian and Biking Improvements

What are Pedestrian and Biking Improvements?


Washington County maintains a list of candidates for pedestrian and biking improvements. Basic criteria are they must:

  • address a walking or biking-related safety or connectivity issue
  • be located on a road under County jurisdiction
  • be small-scale – while there is no specific definition of "small scale," most (but not all) such improvements have cost under $500,000

Examples of pedestrian and biking improvements are sidewalks, pedestrian or bicycle pathways and paved shoulders. Not eligible are traffic signals, signs, crosswalks and other pavement markings, which are handled by Traffic Engineering.

How can I submit a proposal for a pedestrian or biking improvement?


  1. Review the Pedestrian and Biking Improvements Candidate Map to see if a candidate has already been identified at a specific location.
  2. To propose a new improvement, complete and submit the Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Proposal Form.

What happens next?


Eligible proposals will be added to the pedestrian and biking walking improvements candidate list and map. Candidates are reviewed when funding becomes available, and candidates eligible for that funding are then considered. (Currently, the only program with regular funding for pedestrian or biking improvements is the Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD) Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Projects program.


For more information, email Sherri McFall or call 503-846-7615.