Roadside signs


Garage sale, real estate, political campaign and other temporary signs are not allowed within the county road right-of-way outside of cities. This includes ditches, shoulders, landscape strips and sidewalks. Signs are also prohibited on traffic signposts, utility poles, signal cabinets and any other public property.

Illegally placed signs can divert drivers' attention from important traffic control signs and block visibility. Illegal signs can also cause aesthetic clutter and damage irrigation systems in landscaped areas.

In some cases, temporary signs are allowed on private property with the property owners' permission. The signs must comply with section 414.51 of the Community Development Code.

Removing illegal signs

  • Report problem areas to 503-846-ROAD (846-7623) or email Signs will be removed as crews are available or the next time crews are in the area.

Additional information on sign regulations

  • Oregon law prohibits pasting, painting or attaching things (advertisements, bills, notices, signs, pictures, cards and posters) on anything within the limits of the right-of-way of any county road.
  • Washington County Resolution and Order 77-76 as amended by 98-197 states"… The following items will not be allowed in the county road right-of-way [outside incorporated cities]: Signs, without regard to content, except those expressly permitted by law or authorized road authority."
  • For city sign regulations, check with the local jurisdiction. For state highway temporary sign regulations, check with Oregon Department of Transportation.