Roadside vegetation



You are responsible for maintaining trees, brush and other vegetation in the road right-of-way in front of property you own or occupy (ORS 368.256(b)). 

  • Trim vegetation over and next to the traveled roadway, near sidewalks and walkways, at corners and intersections, and around signs and streetlights.
  • Trim trees and shrubs to at least 12 feet vertically over the roadway, 9 feet vertically above all sidewalks and walkways, and 2 feet horizontally away from the roadway edge.
  • Leave vegetation in roadside ditches to prevent erosion and allow stormwater filtration. Do not use herbicides or remove vegetation from ditches.


The County maintains some landscaped areas installed through transportation improvement projects and may trim vegetation in the road right-of-way that is a hazard or adversely impacts the public.

Roadside shoulder spraying
Our Roadside Spraying program is done once a year along select roads. If your property is on one of the roads and you wish to opt out,  opt out, find the “No Spray” Agreement section of the Right-of-Way Permits page. Submit the form online via the “right of way” section of the Public Permitting and Services Portal. You will need to post signs, which may be purchased from County Operations and Maintenance. For more information call 503-846-ROAD (7623) or email