Who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance?
You are responsible for maintaining sidewalks adjacent to your property per ORS 368.910. This includes repairing the sidewalk and keeping it clear of debris and hazards.

Why are sidewalks installed in some areas and not in others?
Most sidewalks are installed by developers when property is developed. Some are installed by the Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD) or as part of our road improvement projects. Locations where sidewalks have not been installed through these processes usually do not have sidewalks.

How can I get a sidewalk in front of my property?
If you live within URMD, you can propose a sidewalk for consideration as future project using the Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Proposal Form.

You can have sidewalk installed in front of your property yourself. You and your neighbors may also choose to form a Local Improvement District (LID) to fund sidewalk installation through property assessments. Sidewalks may be costly in some cases due to associated drainage system costs. For more information call 503-846-ROAD (7623) or email

Do I need a permit to repair sidewalks or install new sidewalks?
Yes. Installing sidewalks requires a Sidewalk Repair Permit