Street Lights

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Why are street lights installed in some areas but not in others? 
On major roads, street lights are typically installed when adjacent land is developed and the developer is required to install street lights. Street lights may also be installed when a road is reconstructed through a voter-approved levy, or when lighting is needed to address a safety issue.

On neighborhood streets, street lights are typically installed when the neighborhood is developed. 

Streets where street lights have not been installed through these processes frequently do not have street lights.

Who pays for street lights on neighborhood streets?
Neighborhood property owners pay for street lights through a property tax assessment. If you are paying this assessment, you will see “Service District for Lighting” on your tax bill. 

Who should I contact if a street light needs repair?
Portland General Electric (PGE) maintains most street lights on neighborhood streets. If there is a PGE tag at the base of the pole, you can submit a repair request directly to PGE

Otherwise, you may also submit a repair request to Washington County by calling 503-846-ROAD (7623), emailing or submitting a service request

Can I get street lights on my street?
Yes. New street lights are paid for by adjacent property owners. Getting street lights installed requires agreement by a majority of those property owners. For more information call 503-846-3843.