Right-of-Way Permits

A County Right-of-Way Permit is required when property owners hire a private contractor to perform road improvements. The County provides specifications, general conditions and other requirements as attachments to the Right-of-Way Permit.

Property owners interested in obtaining a Right-of-Way Permit are highly encouraged to obtain specifications and other requirements from the County before obtaining quotes from private contractors, as these standards will likely affect these estimates.

The County is not involved with the contract between the property owner(s) and the contractor. However, permitting process requires the contractor to provide:

  • Proof of insurance before work in the right-of-way begins.
  • A one-year warranty on all work.
  • A bond (cash or surety) for the full amount of the work, based on the County's estimate, to be held for the duration of the warranty period, after which time it will be released once any defects and issues have been satisfactorily addressed.

County inspectors will review the work periodically during construction, but it is ultimately the property owner and contractor's responsibility to assure the work meets County specifications. The cost of the inspections will be estimated, and a deposit for these services will be required prior to issuing the permit. After the work is finished, it must pass final County inspection to ensure it has met standards and specifications.


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