Chip seal program

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What are chip seals?

Chip seals are cost effective surface treatments that protect and prolong the life of structurally sound but aging pavement.

How are chip seals performed?

Initially the road is swept to remove loose particles. Then, a distributor sprays asphalt emulsion along the road, followed by a chip spreader (laying down uniformly sized chips). The chip seal is then rolled to set the aggregate and swept to remove any loose gravel. Once the chip seal is laid down it is ready to be driven on, almost immediately. It does not require a long curing process. Vehicles traveling over the surface assist in embedding rock into the oil and creating a smooth driving surface over time.

Benefits of chip seals

  • Waterproof and seal small cracks in the road
  • Improves skid resistance and surface texture
  • Prolongs pavement life
  • Cost effective  

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