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The County maintains paved surfaces through a variety of practices including chip seal, slurry seal and asphalt overlay applications.

Road maintenance needs are determined by evaluating pavement conditions. The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is an evaluation of road condition based on eight different types of measureable distress. Every road is inspected every two to four years to reassess conditions. All County roads were inspected in 2017, following an unusually harsh winter that caused roads to deteriorate more than expected.

Pavement conditions are graded as Very Good through Very Poor. Pavement in Good and Very Good conditions deteriorate slowly. Once road conditions fall into the "Fair" PCI category (55-69) they begin to deteriorate more quickly. Road condition can be improved and life expectance of the initial paving can be extended through surface seals.

Washington County's paved road inventory:

  • Urban arterial: 131.92 miles
  • Rural arterial: 72 miles
  • Urban collector: 73.25 miles
  • Rural collector: 168.86 miles
  • Neighborhood route: 85.52 miles
  • Urban local: 373.87 miles
  • Rural local: 174.87 miles

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