Planning and Development Services

All customers are strongly encouraged to conduct business remotely whenever possible. Most services are available remotely - online, by phone or via U.S. Mail - 24 hours/day, seven days a week.

Appointments are recommended for in-person services at the Public Services Building. Appointments are required for in-person services at the Walnut Street Center.

See LUT Office Locations and Business Hours for more information.

Remote services (24 hours/day, seven days a week):


A new Oregon wildfire risk classification map is now available.

Starting in 2023, new building and fire code requirements will apply to development of certain areas. See map

Check your property at Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer to learn more.

Find information on upcoming building and fire code requirements:


Andy Back, Planning and Development Services Division Manager


Building Services

Scott Linfesty, Building Official

Phone: 503-846-3470
Fax: 503-846-3993

Current Planning

Stephen Shane, Principal Planner

Phone: 503-846-8761
Fax: 503-846-2908

Long Range Planning

Theresa Cherniak, Principal Planner, Community Planning

Erin Wardell, Principal Planner, Transportation Planning

Phone: 503-846-3519
Fax: 503-846-4412