Surveyor's Comments - 2005


Items of Interest

August 24, 2005

It has been quite some time since an update has come out of the Washington County Surveyor's Office. I have been the County Surveyor for more than nine months now and as you may have noticed there have been no significant changes in the way we do business. I am finding this to be an exciting and challenging job. Fortunately I have a competent staff, even though I feel we are somewhat short handed. We have newly approved positions in both development review and GIS. We are conducting recruitments and I hope to eventually have adequate staff to shorten our review timelines.

There is a change that I wanted to let everyone know about:

Brass screws will no longer be an approved monument. If you request to set a type of monument, other than those required by ORS, you will be required to use a Berntsen "Survey Mark (BP1 or BP2)" or other equivalent monument. Equivalent monuments will be approved on an individual basis. I have found brass screws to vary widely and question the permanency of some of the applications I have seen in the field. The use of these Berntsen Monuments will set a minimum standard as to what will be allowed as an alternate marker.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and please contact me with any questions you have about this, or any other concerns you may have regarding this office.