Surveyor's Comments - 2006


County Surveyors Office 06-07 Fees

June 30, 2006

Our new fees go into effect July 1, 2006. There were no changes last year but this year we made a few adjustments. The fee schedule is available on line at our web site.

The change that will effect most people is the survey filing fee, it goes from $340 to $350. New addresses are now $80 and a change of address is $160. Our deposit amounts for work at actual cost have not changed.

Acceptable Monumentation

February 16, 2006

In light of recent amendments to the Oregon Revised Statutes regarding monumentation of plats, the Tri-County Surveyor’s Offices (Clackamas, Multnomah, & Washington Counties) and Yamhill County Surveyor's Office have been in the process of reviewing acceptable monuments.

House Bill 2755 makes the following changes to ORS 92.060(2):

(2) In subdivision plats, the intersections, the initial point, also known as the point of beginning, the point of ending, points of curves and points of tangents, or the point of intersection of the curve if the point is within the pavement area of the road, of the centerlines of all streets and roads and all points on the exterior boundary where the boundary line changes direction, must be marked with monuments either of galvanized iron pipe or iron or steel rods or another type of monument approved by the county surveyor when setting a required type of monument is impracticable. If galvanized iron pipe is used, the pipe must not be less than three-quarter inch inside diameter and 30 inches long. If iron or steel rods are used, the rod may not be less than five-eighths of an inch in least dimension and 30 inches long.

The following changes to plat monumentation will be effective immediately:

All monuments set in asphalt surfaces must be “capped” with an aluminum cap. Plastic caps in asphalt surfaces will not be  permitted.
Brass screws will no longer be an approved monument. In lieu of brass screws, the Bernsten “Survey Mark” (BP1 or BP2), or the Mark -It (MPM-SM OR MPM-PFT), or other equivalent monument will be acceptable. We have found two methods of drilling the holes in an  efficient manner: the use of either a “rotor hammer” or a Bosch 11225VSRH rechargeable drill. The use of lighter weight  rechargeable drills generally do not have the power to drill multiple holes in concrete.
In concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc., the Bernsten or Mark-It monuments or other similar type monuments are preferred. Iron rods with caps will be allowed as long as they are flush to the finish grade.
This change to the brass screw monuments is similar to that noted by Jim Elam, Washington County Surveyor, on August 24, 2005.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and please contact any of us with any questions you have about this, or any other concerns you may have regarding our offices.

Bob Hovden, Multnomah County Surveyor (503) 988-5573
Dan Linscheid, Yamhill County Surveyor (503) 434-7357
Chuck Pearson, Clackamas County Surveyor (503) 353-4499
Jim Elam, Washington County Surveyor (503) 846-3405