Public Land Corner


surv_netPublic Land Corners were originally established by the Federal Government beginning in 1852 to encourage and facilitate the settlement of the Oregon Territory. Since then, the original posts, stones and other objects set as monuments have been damaged or destroyed. 

The Federal Government delegated the function of maintaining these vital corners to the State of Oregon upon statehood. The state, in turn, delegated the function of the Public Land Survey System to the County Surveyor of each county. Since the boundary of all lands privately or publicly owned within the state are directly or indirectly affected by these corners, it is imperative that they be maintained in the most prudent manner. That is the function of Public Land Corner Section of the County Surveyor's Office.

GPS Projects

The Public Land Corner program employs the most modern and efficient use of new technology to gather field data. Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying technology has been in use by the program since 1995. The coordinate positions established while performing the general function of corner restoration are also used as the basis for Washington County's Geographical Information System (GIS) geospatial database. As part of the program, the section established the Primary Control Network for the county which is available both through this office and the National Geodetic Survey.