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Imagine a network of safe and enjoyable streets to ride your bicycle on that connects you to other neighborhoods and destinations including schools, parks, transit stops, and businesses. We want to make that dream a reality!

The final versions of the Neighborhood Bikeway Concept Plan and Treatment Toolkit are available below. Staff are now looking into grant opportunities in order to launch a pilot project.  
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          Bikeway Concept Plan
          Appendix A - Maps Part 1
          Appendix A - Maps Part 2
          Appendix A - Maps Part 3
          Appendix B, C, D, E
          Appendix F - Treatment Toolkit 

What is a neighborhood bikeway?
A neighborhood bikeway is a low-traffic, low-speed street that provides bicyclists, especially those who are not comfortable riding on busy streets, a safer and more relaxing place to ride. While many residential streets are already comfortable for most bicyclists, a neighborhood bikeway can go the extra step by providing signage to neighborhood destinations and safe crossings at major streets. They also encourage motorists to travel at slower speeds.

Bike BoulevardNeighborhood Bikeway goals:

  • Shift biking and walking from being recreational only to a viable transportation option to get to most destinations.
  • Move us beyond designing bicycle facilities for the ‘spandex crowd’ to making bicycling safe and convenient for all ages and abilities.  
  • Encourage biking and walking as a means of creating vibrant and healthy communities, regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity, or economic background.

Neighborhood Bikeway benefits:

  • Improves the experience getting around your neighborhood - inviting residents to choose walking or biking to local destinations instead of driving. 
  • Offers more pleasant bike routes than busier streets with bike lanes.
  • Reduces traffic congestion by enhancing bicycling options for short trips.
  • Increases local economic activity and property values.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Increases fitness opportunities to improve public health and well-being.
  • Encourages bicycling for a broader range of ages and abilities.


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Project funding info
This project is jointly funded through the Oregon Transportation and Growth Management (“TGM”) Program, with our partners, ODOT and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. It is financed with federal Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (“MAP-21”) funds and matching County funds.

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