Neighborhood Streets Program

Melissa Norman, Neighborhood Streets Program Coordinator

Neighborhood Streets Program logoThe Neighborhood Streets Program (NSP) helps maintain livability in urban unincorporated neighborhoods by addressing traffic-related quality of life issues, such as speeding and parking infiltration.

A safety campaign is typically a two-year process that includes:

  • Meeting with a neighborhood to identify concerns
  • Identifying and implement initial safety measures
  • Reviewing impact of initial safety measures
  • Determining if further safety measures are needed

Community involvement is an important part of all traffic calming projects. The people who live and work in the project area have the opportunity to become actively involved in the process.

Individuals may request yard signs, temporary speed radar trailer placement or a full safety campaign.

Parking by Permit is a program to reduce parking infiltration in situations where neighborhood parking is being burdened by vehicles that do not belong to the neighborhood.


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