Project Selection Criteria

Project Selection: Minimum Criteria & Eligibility Determination

Speed is given the most importance, since high speed usually affects safety and livability the most. It is also the condition that can be most improved by traffic calming devices.

Volume is considered because it contributes to the general traffic conditions on the street. For example, conditions on a street with both high volumes and speeds will be worse than on a street with high speeds but lower volumes.

The following criteria must be met before proceeding to speed/volume criteria:

  • Street must be a local street or neighborhood route.
  • Posted speed is equal to or less than 35mph.
  • Street cannot be more than 2 lanes.
  • Participation in Phase 1 complete. (Safety Campaign)
  • Participation in Neighborhood Speed Watch (Lender Board)

NSP collects and analyzes data about existing conditions on all street segments referred to the program. For more information about the program please refer to the Neighborhood Streets Policies and Procedures Guide (PDF - 101kb).